The Republicans Lied (in the 39th)

The Republican Assembly candidates in the 39th District are up to their old tricks. Their most recent attack against their Democratic opponents, Mike McCarthy and John Shahdanian, came in the form of a disingenuous, misspelled, badly photo shopped mailer distributed throughout the 39th district.

The Republicans’ efforts continue to underscore the casual relationship with the truth that we have, unfortunately, come to expect from our elected officials.

The Republicans claim that McCarthy and Shahdanian  will “reduce property tax relief”. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Over the past four years a Democratic led statehouse has provided more than $7 billion dollars in property tax relief to New Jersey homeowners.  If the Republicans had their way New Jersey residents would not have received the nearly $2 billion dollars in property tax rebates provided this year alone.

On this issue McCarthy and Shahdanian are ready and equipped to provide genuine leadership in uncertain times.  They will push hard to address the structural issues that drive New Jersey residents property tax burdens.  Their position advocating the consolidation of municipal services shows they are willing to adopt the bold thinking needed to improve the lives of New Jersey residents.  Mike and John are serious about advocating for the average voter against the vested interests that have stood in the way of reform.

Additionally, the Republicans claim that McCarthy and Shahdanian have “continued to refuse to support the reopening” of Pascack Valley Hospital.  This is a blatant falsehood.

As Democrats, Mike and John are strong believers that all New Jerseyans deserve access to high quality, affordable, health-care services. Their platform has long maintained that reopening Pascack Valley Hospital is central to achieving this goal.   It is important, after all, for voters to remember that it was the Democrats who reduced the number of uninsured in our state by 11 percent. When it comes to demanding high-quality health care, voters can always depend on the Democrats.

The fact that the Vandervalk and Schroeder campaign feel it necessary to resort to such distortions belies the dearth of ideas that has long characterized their tenure as representatives of the 39th district.

The voters of the 39th deserve better; Mike McCarthy and John Shahdanian will do better.

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