Rob Tornoe’s roundup of Nobel cartoons

In Friday’s Governor’s Debate (live-blogged by jrb) at William Paterson U., Corzine, Daggett & Christie were hit with a lightning round for their one-word answers to a quickfire list of mostly silly (but fun!) questions. One of the most vexing, because it forced them to choose between constituencies, was Farms? Or Shore? Ruh-oh.

Early this morning, my charming significant other Joey Novick shot down the GSP to run racewalk walk the 32nd Annual Seaside Half Marathon and, man, that puppy is all shore. Has to be the prettiest run in the state – all flat, boardwalk (nice to knees), then into Island Beach State Park. Suck it, Iowa.

Joey’s getting ready to run racewalk walk the New York City Marathon to raise money for the Hole in the Wall Gang, the camp lifelong progressive Paul Newman started 21 years ago to create a wonderful, supportive adventure for kids with cancer, AIDS and other life-threatening illness. (Wanna donate?)

So, Joey shows up in Seaside Heights for his race number, and who’s volunteering? Rob Tornoe, who toons for Press of Atlantic City, and is a scholar of political cartooning. Rob’s a favorite, and I went looking for some of his recent work. That’s how I found his collection of worldwide cartoonist reaction to Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. Sifting through it’s interesting. International cartoonists (not Thailand and Bulgaria) more impressed; Americans less.

The Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo (at which NJ’s Wyclef Jean will perform) isn’t for a few weeks, but before then Obama’s back Wednesday stumping for Corzine at Fairleigh Dickenson U..

Cartoony kinda Sunday. Enjoy Rob Tornoe’s Nobel cartoon roundup.  

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  1. Jason Springer

    Tornoe’s cartoons. Congrats to Joey on completing the half marathon and also for what he’s planning to do for the NYC marathon. That’s great stuff. Any pics?

  2. Steven Goldstein, Garden State Equality chair

    to honor Joey Novick’s running for the Hole in the Wall Gang if members of Blue Jersey will contribute $250.  Who wants to take the challenge?  The Hole in the Wall Gang is one of the world’s great charities, and Joey Novick is one of the world’s great people.  C’mon, let’s do it!


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