QOTD: Adler “dialing for dollars”

Those words come from a former SEC accountant said when she laid the smack down on the utterly disappointing John Adler for introducing an amendment to weaken the investor protection bill currently in Congress:

“What Adler is really doing is dialing for dollars,” said Lynn E. Turner, chief accountant for the SEC from 1998 to 2001. “He’s got a job that he wants to keep, and he has to run for that job every two years. So this is probably a strong indication that Adler couldn’t care less about investors, and cares much more about getting the money so he can keep his job.”

First, he is a no then yes then no then yes then no on real health care reform and now siding with the corporate culture of corruption over taxpayers and his consitituents.

And he calls himself a Democrat?

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