News Roundup & Open Thread for Monday, Oct. 19, 2009

County Political Party Transparency Law

  • Running a county party in NJ? There’s some stuff you’re not going to be able to get away with anymore. Thank Loretta Weinberg and Citizens Campaign.

    1,000 union members & supporters pour into the street

  • Jersey City was flooded by SEIU Local 1199 nursing home workers demanding better treatment at facilities owned a JC company. Some of the workers earn less than $8/hr and pay out $400/month for health coverage. [PHOTOS]

    Cory Booker v. Conan O’Brien

  • Who’s the big winner? Newark Now is.

    Funding cuts make it harder for some NJ seniors to stay in their own homes

  • Bob Braun on how redefining a neighborhood as a “NORC” is an affordable way to make sure elders have help, but even that’s endangered.

    7-year resident, US citizen 20 years, age 30 at least & 800 signatures

  • It’s a snap to get on the ballot for Governor, but much harder to get anybody to notice, particularly when the hurdles are financial.

    Stumping with Corzine today

  • Biden on his way to Middlesex Community College, today.

    Go on, live a little!

  • If elected Governor, Christie would tell top NJ officials it’s okay to book expensive hotels & cars – at taxpayer expense – if government rate’s harder to get, busting the state’s current more austere policy.

    Compare and contrast in your choice for Governor

  • On fiscal responsibility.
  • On job loss and the economy.

    Christie [hearts] George W. Bush

  • A piece of video surfaces, Christie talking about the “measure of politics” that went along with his US Attorney appointment by George W. Bush.

    If you don’t have big-name people coming for you, this is what you do

  • With Corzine trending up, and about to host the President, the VP, Bill Clinton and Caroline Kennedy in the next 100 hours or so, Christie and Daggett are lining up their derisive approaches.

    Pete McCarthy:

  • A young Republican pulls out some vintage campaigning ideas & Christie says the wrong baseball thing in South Jersey.

    The Auditor:

  • Corzine’s got filing deadlines on revealing his charitable donations, and Christie is telling a different story on the road than on his own website.


  • What could steal Jon Corzine’s thunder the day Obama comes to Hackensack (at least temporarily).

    News groups challenge NJ Supreme Court ruling

  • Filing in US District Court in Newark, a group made up of Associated Press, CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS seeks to overturn decision that would bar them from conducting exit polls near voting sites.


  • Berkeley Heights: Dysfunctional?
  • South Jersey: Spiny dogfish.
  • New Brunswick: Ward idea isn’t new.
  • Trenton: Renaming of a library draws criticism.
  • Atlantic City: Revisiting the casino smoking ban.
  • Passaic County: As usual it’s the unaffiliateds who hold the cards.
  • Salem County: 100th year of NAACP marked in Oldmans Twp.
  • Hunterdon County: Shared service recycling.
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    1. Stephen Yellin

      Admittedly I’m biased, since I live there, but I’ve got to defend my hometown from the term “dysfunctional”. We’ve been called “Bickering Heights” for decades, but it’s due solely to local politics. In all other categories, we’re a great town to live in.

      Our High School is ranked #8 in the state, according to the most recent report. We have an excellent quality of life, with plenty of community and civic opportunities. Our business community is booming; in the last few years we’ve had several major corporations move en masse to Berkeley Heights’ “Connell Center”. In fact, Governor Corzine came to BH a few months ago to salute us for our success in helping to grow the NJ economy.

      The only problem is that some of the older families don’t like this kind of progress. The town’s population has doubled in the last 40 years, and that means new families (like mine) that don’t fit the old profile.

      New businesses threaten the old developers and their investments in our downtown.

      The new form of government (as the article discusses) was voted for by 85% of the voters in 2005. It was designed specifically to address our growing population and economic stature, by having a “strong Mayor” system in place. The Council is supposed to vote on legislation, and provide advice and consent on the Mayor’s appointees. They are NOT supposed to run the town – that’s the Mayor’s job.

      Sadly, the current Mayor is disliked by the “old guard” in town. Our (now former) Municipal Chairman has aligned himself with the old guard (that would be Mr. Battaglia). He’s in favor of going back to the old system of government, which would frankly be disastrous. Never mind that he actively campaigned FOR the change in government; the reason he wants this, I know, is because he doesn’t like who’s in charge.

      His running mate (Mr. Robbins) gets a nice quote in the article. Too bad it doesn’t mention that he’s 78 years old, was a Republican until this year, and fell asleep at the recent LVW debate. He also is in favor of privatizing the public library in order to pay for a new one!

      And that, sadly, is the Democratic “ticket” in Berkeley Heights this November. And that’s my cautionary tale on local politics.

      Local politics aside, we’re a fabulous town to live in. I recommend visiting any time…as long as it’s not election season.  


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