Muhlenberg as political football

Last Sunday, October 25, the Courier News published a “guest commentary” from me describing how the Republican candidates against Assembly members Jerry Green and Linda Stender are trying to blame them for the Plainfield community’s tragic loss of Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center.  It’s a cynical last-minute ploy by Republican politicians who weren’t around for any of the community efforts over the past year and a half led by the People’s Organization for Progress (POP) and the Restore Muhlenberg Coalition.  

My commentary was posted online at… and describes the history of community activity in this struggle and the absence of the Republican Assembly candidates.

I also predicted that Chris Christie would get into the act–and now he has, with a letter promising a “review” of the process leading up to the decision to close the hospital.  

But what he doesn’t mention is that such a review is already taking place in the Appellate Court–because last year, the City of Plainfield and the POP/Restore Muhlenberg Coalition appealed the decision to close the hospital.  Extensive briefs have been filed and we are awaiting a hearing date.

Now, local Republicans are planning a “community rally for Muhlenberg” tomorrow, and maybe Christie will even show up with his two Assembly candidates. POP and the Coalition, which have led the struggle, are not among the sponsors–neither group gets involved in partisan political activity.

These Republican candidates are starting to showing some interest in Plainfield and the crisis we’ve faced for more than a year since Muhlenberg was closed.  It’s a little late, though–where have they been all this time?  Clearly, they think Plainfield voters are dumb!


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