McAuliffe says Corzine will win by 7

We’ll see if he’s right in a few weeks, but the former chairman of the DNC has made his prediction:

The ever-confident former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe predicted on Sunday that Democrats will win the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, where he lost the primary to Creigh Deeds.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” McAuliffe even put a number on New Jersey: Gov. Jon Corzine by 7 points.

I don’t think it’s all that surprising that he’s picking the Democrats. has it about as close as you can get when you average everything out there. They have Christie leading Corzine 39.9 to 39.8:

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  1. mconvente

    How’d that work out for Hillary?  lol

  2. dendroica

    I hope that’s not the kiss of death.

  3. proud2Bliberal

    All of those folks who moved from India and China to NJ in the 1990s are all citizens now.  And many of their kids are old enough to vote.  Get the Asian American vote an they won’t know what hit them.


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