Lonegan=Daggett?True Conservatives are Mad

Many “pundits” are beginning to speculate that the Daggett vote will evaporate and turn into Chrisite votes.

I believe they have missed the “lonegan factor”.

Almost 140,000 conservative Republican voters went to the polls in their primary and ABSOLUTELY KNEW that Christie would win,but still voted for Lonegan.

These are people who are dedicated in their conservative beliefs and follow what Daggett is now saying (very wisely ,by the way)” it is never wrong to vote for the right person”.

It is my belief that Daggett is getting many of these 140,000 protest Lonegan voters, and they WILL NOT  change their minds on election day.

When Chrisite loses this race by 1 or 2% points he will look back and see that it was the Lonegan vote that did not come home for him.

Everytime Christe attacks Daggett as someone “who can’t win” he pisses off the Lonegan faction of his Party.

Daggett voters are not “disgusted” Corzine voters. Daggett voters are experienced “protest voters” and the experienced protest voters are the Lonegan voters.

As I tell my Conservative friends. GET MAD,GET EVEN,VOTE DAGGETT!  

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  1. Bill W

    …are looking for a protest vote to cast, why wouldn’t they pick someone more conservative than Christie?  

  2. firstamend07 (Post author)

    The recent Monmouth /Gannett poll had this attached:

    Today’s poll found that once reluctant Democrats are sticking with Corzine, but there may be some base trouble for Christie with the Republican base. Christie had 86% of Republicans’ support in the poll released early in the month and has 81% of the base in todays. Corzine, who in July had 71% of Democrats’ support, now has 76%.

    Conservative Lonegan voters, about 140,000,do not seem too happy with the way they have been treated by the Republican establishment. They seem to be sending a message with their feet.  


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