Health Care Action Alert – UPDATE

Late yesterday, Hopeful posted a diary asking that you contact Rep. Adler’s office with respect to the House “robust public option/Medicare+5” bill that Speaker Pelosi was hoping to bring for a vote.

We also found out that Reps. Steve Rothman (NJ-9) and Albio Sires (NJ-13) may also be on the fence, so we are asking that if at all possible, can you call all three of their offices and urge them to support the Speaker and 70% of Americans for REAL healthcare reform.

Here are their numbers, both in DC and here in NJ:

Albio Sires:




John Adler:




Steve Rothman:




I’m told we may have until around 2PM today, so anything you can do this morning is extremely helpful.  And as Rosi said last night:

If you live in their congressional district be sure to tell the staffer.

If you don’t live there, but work there, or spend vacation time or money there, tell them that. And of course, be brief and polite to the staffer who takes your call.

If you know somebody in the district, please shoot them an email with the phone number – you can make a difference this morning.  

Also, if you could tweet this and post to your Facebook status, that would be great too.  After all, elections have consequences, right?


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