Gubernatorial Debate #2 Live-Blog

Promoted by Jason Springer: If you’re around, feel free to join us for some live blogging of the 2nd debate starting at 7pm. Jeff and Rosi will have something later as they are at the debate itself. Here is a live stream for your enjoyment, I can’t seem to find an embed.

I planned on going out tonight, but who am I kidding? With the fireworks of the last week and the tightening of this race, how can I not watch this thing?

There are a lot of good things to do tonight, but if you’re not busy, feel free to join in. 7 p.m. at

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  1. Hopeful

    probably other sites too.

  2. Jason Springer

    Rosi and Jeff are attending the debate.  Rosi sends along this picture of the line outside:


  3. Jason Springer

    and we’re almost ready to go.

  4. JRB (Post author)

    But please, GET SOME NEW JOKES.

  5. JRB (Post author)
  6. JRB (Post author)

    … by only talking about… politics?


  7. JRB (Post author)

    He talks about his accomplishments.

  8. Jason Springer

    and now Christie is talking about the need for change. He knows we can be hopeful.  Cutting, waste, spending. Make change.

  9. JRB (Post author)

    Christie no likey New Jersey. His version sounds DEPRESSING.

    Says we need “common sense basics” which is his version of “compassionate conservatism.” Not a better way.

  10. JRB (Post author)

    But he needs to strike at the gut some more. He is a little too mellow and it sounds a little jumbled.

  11. JRB (Post author)

    is Christie’s way of saying “wealthiest.”

    Now THAT is creative.

  12. JRB (Post author)

    is Christie’s way of saying “wealthiest.”

    Now THAT is creative.

  13. Jason Springer

    plans and lack of plans.  What part of plan depends on legislative approval.

    Corzine talks about what they’ve dealt with taking on a mess.  Says we will not be able to put everything into pension system we’d choose to.  We have 1.5-2 billion to come from economic recovery program.  Talks about reducing state employees and then go through budget and reduce by 5 or 6% if OLS budget is correct.  He presumes we may have stronger revenues.

    Christie says we know deficit will be 6-10 million.  He says he’s laid out specifics.  Some mirror Corzine.  He says he won’t raise taxes on the highest earners.  Take different approach.  Get greater reforms in pension system and collective bargaining.  Can’t lean on the people for taxes.  It will not be easy.  Have to go through every program.  In the end, he knows we’ll find more.  We can no longer raise taxes.

    Daggett says all of it will take legislative approval.  1/3 will be taken care of through his tax cut plan. more taken care of through pension reduction. a billion will be with a freeze in state spending. use stimulus money, but they will make cuts necessary to balance budget.

    Corzine says he’s please the candidates want to mirror him.  Difference is tax cuts to wealthy.  That will make the deficit 10 billion that has to be close.  Need to be sure we provide property tax relief.  You can’t do that and give property tax relief.

  14. Jason Springer

    Christie says in first 6 months will reinstate property tax rebates for citizens who lost in last budget.  Not a long term position and have ideas to deal with that. Of course he doesn’t tell us.  He says we need to share services. We need a hard cap on spending.  Need an audit of school boards to look at middle management of schools.  Need to go back and look at possibility of consitutional convention and if we can’t fix in the first year, he’s gonna be calling for that.

    Daggett says rebates is money that D’s and R’s shouldn’t have taken from you in the first place.  Tries to explain his sales tax plan.

    Corzine says we’ve already demonstrated that with record direct property tax rebates to seniors, 2 million more than any governor.  We’ve also imposed caps.  Put together a new school funding formula that delivers school aid to middle class areas.  Working every day on shared services, consolidation and regionalization.  Expanded senior freeze to cover 210k households.  Will restore property tax rebates when we have resources.  Says christie went to 10.5 billion deficit if he increases tax rebates immediately.

    Christie attacks Daggett’s plan.  Says as to Governor’s claim, he says small businesses need a tax cut.

  15. JRB (Post author)

    than Corzine.

  16. JRB (Post author)

    So far (first 15 minutes) it’s been pretty typical debate fodder. Nothing that will make the nightly news.

  17. Jason Springer

    Daggett says he wouldn’t sell state assets.  Says Corzine’s idea was bad. At some point in time, we have to deal with bankrupt transportation trust fund.  We have to take care of to fix roads, bridges and mass transit are funded.  If we have to fix by increasing sales tax on gas, gas tax or increasing tolls, we’ll do as last resort.  He’s not gonna stand by and let us go into a greater state of disrepair.

    Corzine says he agrees with the last statement.  There’s not question that the plan he laid down was to much, to fast. The problems that underly what they were trying to accomplish, pay down debt, make sure they have resources to fund system, and make sure they provide for open space, we still have to fix thos problems.  Unattractive alternatives are fundamental. A constituational amendment that requires debt to be approved by the voters was good thing that came out of it.

    Christie says the other candidates believe we have a revenue problem, he believes we have a spending and debt problem. Christie says he’s for voters approving debt and won’t bring on more.  Christie says he doesn’t believe we shoudl raise the cost on anybody.  We have to convince them we are responsible stewards.

    Daggett says he’s gonna buy christie a calculator because his numbers don’t add up.  He says he has no plan at all.  He says his plan will make the system fairer. He wants to see someone comes up with a substantive analysis that challenges it.

  18. JRB (Post author)

    He lands the first blow. Attacks him for numbers not adding up, not having enough substance.

    Daggett’s really showing some spunk. Corzine has no energy.

  19. JRB (Post author)

    Ignores what Corzine just said about starting to create jobs. WHAT DEBATE ARE YOU IN DUDE?

  20. Jason Springer

    Corzine talks about grants to small businesses to hire and hold people for a job.  Going to have to extend, well received by small business.  Put tax credits down for equipment purposes.  Working with president to make sure national program is providing real change by investing in infrastructure and sustaining investment in schools.  Talks about program 2 months ago to provide credits for urban hubs and public/private partnerships.

    Christie says he’s gonna be more than happy to get daggett’s calculator and says he’ll get daggett a dictionary because you can’t make a $ 4 billion hike a tax cut.  Talks about how bad the business climate is, how many people have left. This is the problem we have to solve.  Too expensive to live her.  business are moving for other states.  Says questionner needs to be concerned with getting a Governor.

    Daggett says that if his tax plan is implemented, things will be fairer.  It will make this state more attractive to people here and corporations thinking of coming in. Take addiotnal money found in cost savings to invest in higher education.  Putting ourselves in a position where our best students leave.  Need to invest in high tech future, bio tech, nano tech.  Develop better collaborative relationships, we can make fairier and more attractive.

    Corzine rebuts, agreeing with daggett on getting christie a calculator.  Talks about Christie saying we have the highest unemployment rate in the country.  Says it’s just misleading and talking down the state is not a good idea.

    End of round 1.

  21. JRB (Post author)

    Hands down. The Debate is over.

    Christie is talking about his weight.


  22. JRB (Post author)

    Maybe Corzine’s voice is too low, his manner too subtle. But he is putting me to sleep.

  23. Jason Springer

    Christie says he’s waiting for it too.  He wants to let people in on the weight issue.  Says in case you haven’t noticed he is slightly overweight. Apparently this has become a great cause for dicusssion.  Says he’s struggled with his weight as he’s sure many have in the audience and many more are at home.  Worst part is that the gov’s staff won’t admit what they’re doing.  Crowd claps as the moderator says no applauding.

    Daggett says he doesn’t run negative campaigns. He hasn’t done it and will continue not to doit.  Only turns people off.  Both campaigns have embarrassed our state with this campaigning.  Spent millions of dollars in special interest money by funneling money into washington to come back as negative campaiging.  Says no one cares, wants to know what we’re doing to fix this state.  Their campainging only serves to supress votes.  Do what’s right and end negative campaigning.  Crowd claps again.

    Corzine says he doesn’t are about Christie’s weight.  He cares about what matters for state of New Jersey.  Says we’ve been talking about what people should provide under insurance policies.  Whether they’re going to provide autism screening, women 48 hour stay or a mammogram.  That is part of a serious debate about healthcare.  More important to stand with families than give tax cuts for the wealthy.  Says we put out very serious plan with caps and shared services.  

    Christie says he’s been watching those TV ads.  We all know what the Governor’s campaign has been about.  Character assassination to talk about how he drives a car, to how much he weighs, to how long he stayed in Congres.  Wishes Governor would admit that’s what hte campaign is about.

  24. Jason Springer

    Daggett talks about what he’s looking for, but doesn’t think we shoudl put them through litmus test with social issues or worry abotu whether they are democrats or republicans.  he wants well rounded people who have reputation for clear thinking.

    Sorry to run, but time for dinner.  

  25. JRB (Post author)

    Good choice.

    Daggett can’t name a justice he likes.

  26. JRB (Post author)

    Corzine is for it.

    Christie? One man, one woman. Says he supports the civil union law. But he is personally opposed and would like a ballot question on it.  

  27. JRB (Post author)


  28. JRB (Post author)

    Daggett says look at the money being spent in urban areas. Time to equalize. Literally billions in urban areas but high school dropout rates of over 50%. Try to replicate the good schools but let’s give kids money for private schools rather than public schools.

    Corzine points out that our schools are pretty darn good nationally. Pre-school education is important. coughCHRISTIE*cough* Also likes charter schools. Opposes vouchers. Will take stimulus money. coughCHRISTIE*cough*

    Christie doesn’t like the urban school system. Says he will do something about it: more charter schools (“I agree with President Obama on this”) or vouchers for private schools.

    Daggett is passionate about accountability. Only one to talk about suburban schools. Can’t give up on one kid.

  29. JRB (Post author)

    Cozine says he’s done more about it than others. Wants biz to feel comfortable. Rattling off a bunch of stuff that isn’t really making an impression with me.

    Christie says get rid of corporate biz tax surcharge, he will cut biz taxes, make rainbows, ice cream raindrops and gummi-bear fountains. (yum)

  30. JRB (Post author)

    I worry he wants to talk about feelings next.

  31. JRB (Post author)

    What’s he going to do, insult its weight next?

  32. JRB (Post author)

    DAGGETT: Do more.

    CORZINE: Done more. Will do more.

    CHRISTIE: Done an awful job. Will do more.

  33. Hopeful

    I just got home from work, and now the Yankees have already started.  

  34. JRB (Post author)

    CORZINE: We are proactive. Consolidating school districts and done studies. Princeton Boro and Township have it on the ballot. Common tax assessment. Fire Departments merging. Keep it going.

    CHRISTIE: Provide grants to study shared services and consolidation. Accountability. You need to implement the plan or you need to give the grant money back. Create the pressure we need on the municipal leadership.

    DAGGETT: Uh, what’re we talking about? Ah, whatever. This is a waste of time.

  35. Hopeful
  36. JRB (Post author)

    CHRISTIE says no to the public option. And we need to adjust to what Washington does. Do not expand public option, expand “private option” (COUGH-like-dropping-mammograms-COUGH)

    DAGGETT says he doesnt support the public option. And that the plan on the table in Washington doesn’t mean squat to NJ because we already have these reforms.

    CORZINE: We’ve reduced the number of uninsured by 11% because we’ve taken a pro-active stance. Covering kids. Preventive care. Stopping the cycle. I STAND WITH THE PEOPLE OF NJ, I DO NOT STAND WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANIES UNLIKE MY OPPONENTS.


  37. JRB (Post author)

    The breast cancer survivor brings it up.

  38. Hopeful

    Do you think anything really interesting happened tonight?  It seems like the same ground covered previously.


  39. JRB (Post author)

    Oh boy. My stream just went haywire for a minute. But this is the classic Corzine on defense, Christie and Daggett on offense situation.

  40. JRB (Post author)

    Christie mentions “hope.” Will he go all “HOPE CAN BE REAL AGAIN?” GAAAAAH! I uh, HOPE not.

  41. JRB (Post author)
  42. JRB (Post author)
  43. JRB (Post author)

    No one, again.

    Maybe Christie because his weight comments will dominate the news. But really, what a waste of an hour and a half. I am going to get a drink. SEACREST OUT.


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