Ferriero found guilty

Breaking news from PolitickerNJ:

Former Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero, who was one of New Jersey’s most powerful political leaders for a decade, was convicted of federal corruption charges today.  A jury found Ferriero guilty of one count of conspiracy – the most serious charge – and two counts of mail fraud.  He was acquitted on five other charges.

Update: The Record’s Ferriero trial blog describes reactions.

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  1. Nick Lento

    There IS some justice now and then!   Thanks God the system isn’t yet totally fixed and totally corrupt, there is some hope!!!

    Speaking of hope, I hope that the prosecutors present Ferriero with an option to give up other corrupt actors in exchange for recommending a lighter or even a suspended sentence.

    If Ferriero, ever told EVERYTHING he knew about EVERYONE who was involved in corrupt activity it would be well worth seeing him be a totally free man.

    Barring such an agreement, the judge should throw the book at Ferriero and sentence him to the maximum penalty, whatever it is.

    No doubt, his attorney’s will appeal (and ask that Joe remain free pending all appeals) all the way…..and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Republican appointee dominated SCOTUS ends up overturning……but for now, let’s celebrate this modicum of victory.

  2. NJCentrist

    I believe the jury returned the right verdict. As I had predicted in my most recent diary, Ferriero was guilty of conspiracy and two counts of mail fraud, but not guilty of the mail fraud charges regarding Oury’s financial disclosure forms. Those charges had the weakest case and the jury was right to decide “not guilty.” However, based on the testimony in the trial, I do believe that Ferriero was guilty of the three charges he was convicted of.  

  3. Jersey Devil

    I saw a comment on the Record’s Ferriero trial blog stating that his conviction will end pay to play in New Jersey. While I wish that were so, I think it is wishful thinking.

    Ferriero’s conviction merely removes one person who used his political connections to make money through politics.

    There will always be greedy people willing to take his place. The only thing that will stop pay to play is a reform of the entire campaign finance laws so that campaigns are publicly financed. As long as money is the route to successful campaigns there will always be Ferrieros.

    It is impossible, in my opinion, to ask people to donate thousands of dollars to political campaigns without being beholden to them in some way. It just cannot be avoided and sooner or later greed will rear its head and then we wind up with more crooks.


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