Does Bloomberg want to play in NJ’s Gubernatorial sandbox?

From Politico:

Even as he’s running in his own re-election contest, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is being urged by members of both parties to get involved in the New Jersey governor’s race, according to a source in position to know.

Supporters of both Gov. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, and Chris Christie, a Republican, have reached out to Bloomberg in hopes of picking up his endorsement and some of his money.  

A Bloomberg adviser said the two-term mayor — who is close to a sure bet to be elected to a third term next month — has not ruled anything in or out.

But it’s not the major party candidates that would receive the biggest boost from the Republican-turned-independent — it’s Chris Daggett, the independent candidate in New Jersey who is now polling in the low double-digits and who has helped turn the campaign into a dead heat.

Asked if it was possible for Bloomberg to come out for Daggett, the mayor’s adviser repeated: “Nothing ruled in or out.”

I wonder how a Bloomberg endorsement would factor in the race. For Daggett it could potentially be a bigger deal than Christie or Corzine. There has been no love loss between Corzine and Bloomberg dating back to the congestion pricing plan a few years ago. Corzine supporter Cory Booker and Christie backer Rudy Giuliani were both with Mayor Bloomberg today, so I wonder if the endorsement issue came up? It’ll be interesting to see what he does, if anything and what it means to the race.

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  1. JRB

    But not ruling anything in, either. I think this was a question put to the Bloomberg campaign and they stayed noncommittal, rather than a balloon float.

    That said, the only candidate he could endorse is Daggett.

    Backing Corzine would be too antagonistic to the GOP leaders who put him on their slate and possibly slice into some Republican support that makes up his winning coalition.

    He can’t back Christie because it may hurt the Democrats who support him (and the ones who are working in his campaign).

    He can’t really endorse Daggett either, because it would anger Republicans.

    So why would he want to mess with NJ if he didn’t have to? My bet: he won’t


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