Did Christie just October Surprise himself?

Man, Christie must just be screaming in some expensive hotel room right now. This is as bad a late-campaign public relations disaster as I can remember. It’s just baffling. Is Christie trying to lose this election?

The man on the street interviews are brutal. News 12:

Over at Channel 11, they’re saying:

Taxpayers may have to foot more bills for state officials to travel if the GOP wins the governor’s race next month.


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  1. Hopeful

    The media is just playing it straight by running with Christie’s actual statement.  I mean, his only defense is that he wouldn’t really anyone to do it, he was just lying to excuse his past behavior.  

  2. Jeff Gardner

    the newscast sounds like an ad for your opponent.

  3. Jason Springer

    their reaction to the problems that come their way only make the situation worse.


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