Courier News says for Christie, “the buck stops there”

The Courier News endorsed Chris Christie today, and while it’s certainly no surprise that a Gannett paper endorsed a Republican, the lengths they will go to justify and coddle are flat out amazing:

Earlier in the year Christie appeared a potential shoo-in for victory. He had built a reputation as a corruption-busting U.S. attorney, a resume that resonated with New Jerseyans terribly weary of dirty politicians in their midst. He also carried with him the promise of a cost-cutting Republican who could rein in the Trenton Democratic spending machine devouring the state.

But that message has gotten lost. A few minor skeletons tumbled out of his closet – a poor driving record, an undisclosed loan to a co-worker. But the overriding negative perception of Christie is also entirely unfair, that he’s a would-be tax cutter without a plan. Blame a poorly constructed campaign for that, not Christie.

But who put together the people that are running that campaign if not Christie himself? That’s like saying that the car is responsible for causing an accident, not the driver who was steering. According to their endorsement, the impossible has happened.  What once seemed like a foregone conclusion to them is now in doubt, but none of that is Chris Christie’s fault.

We’ve had leaders in the history of our country who have said, “the buck stops here.” Unfortunately now, even the media is buying into Christie’s buck stops there mentality. Throughout this campaign, Christie has:

  • blamed a motorcyclist for hitting him when he caused the accident
  • said it was a tow truck operator identified him as US Attorney during a separate traffic incident
  • blamed his secretary for his lavish expenditures
  • said he had no knowledge when a long time associate, who he claimed to be just a volunteer, bribed Rick Merkt to get out of the primary
  • And on those minor skeletons, since when is abuse of power a minor issue? In what world are violating the Hatch Act and failing to pay taxes nothing to take a second look at? Christie used his position to get out of problems and then blamed other people for getting in them in the first place. If this is the opinion of the editors, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

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    1. Nick Lento

      …than Christie’s opponents.

      If Lonegan had the goods on Christie that came after their primary; Lonegan would have mercilessly creamed Christie….and he would have been the one voicing the concerns and making the direct attacks.

      The Republicans have become so proficient in the politics of personal destruction based on stupid stuff (Clinton/Lewinsky) and/or outright “big lies” like Kerry’s Swiftboating that any kind of criticism of an opponent is tarred as “negative campaigning” ….and it just ain’t so.

      Pointing out that someone is objectively and provably unqualified to hold office is a very POSITIVE thing in terms of protecting the people’s interests.

      Thank God there were some whistle blowers in Christie’s justice department to administer some more “last nails”!!!



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