Christie plays the Kean card in his latest TV ad

The Christie campaign has Tom Kean Sr. in their latest ad talking about how Chris Christie and New Jersey are perfect together:

It’s not really anything new from the Christie campaign, just a different person saying it in front of the camera. They’re banking more on the messenger being the selling point because the message continues to lack any substance. Christie said that Kean will be out there campaiging with him on the trail next week. They seem to be hoping his popularity rubs off on Christie, do you think it will work?

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  1. JRB

    Setting aside alll of Tom Kean Jr.’s 2006 ads, the only Christie ads I’ve seen in the last two weeks are the mammogram response ad (which counts as a negative ad in my book) and his straight negative ad on Corzine/Daggett.

  2. JRB

    Many voters were kids or too young to care when Kean was governor twenty years ago. Which is why this ad labels him “Chairman 9/11 Commission” as well.

    But have other 9/11 Commission members appeared in partisan campaign ads, labeled as such?


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