Chris & George W. go to White Castle

The Corzine campaign just posted some delicious raw footage of Chris Christie standing up for his boo, George W. Bush. Before Bush was universally reviled (even by Republicans) as the worst president ever, a Mission Accomplished, skyrocketing deficit, no WMD’s, Hurricane Katrina, village missing idiot abject failure, Chris Christie used to have a picture of himself and W. up in his office. Palsy walsy. You won’t find that photo on Christie’s website now. But there it is at the top of the video.

There was always something too snuggly about that cozy Bush circle that Christie wedged his way into. It was a circle jerk of patronage, political maneuvering and get-rich arrangements, but Christie’s always denied that he got – or kept – his job on anything but his own merit. The reality is Christie raised googobs of cash for Bush, and in return got lifted from obscurity (and his own failure to win Freeholder re-election in maybe the most Republican place on Earth, Morris County) and plopped down gently at the US Attorney’s office by benefactors way more powerful than he was. The kind of people that must be paid back. Once he was there, he used his office to go after Bob Menendez to boost Tom Kean Jr.’s failing campaign, prosecuted a suspiciously high number of Democrats, showered fellow Bush buddy John Ashcroft with a humongous contract, showed his political loyalty, and got rewarded, including campaign coaching from Karl Rove, a hugely unethical move – US Attorneys aren’t supposed to even dream of partisan politics or political considerations, and the Justice Dept. expressly forbids it.

But to listen to him tell it himself, he knew which side his bread was buttered on. Watch:

Anybody who receives a political appointment — I am a political appointee — there’s going to be some measure of politics involved with that appointment.

New Jersey would be a huge prize if the GOP can take it. So, Christie’s got to be bringing President Bush in to tour the state with him sometime the next couple weeks. After all, Corzine’s got Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton and even Caroline Kennedy – and that’s just this week. With Christie’s regard for Bush that high, you got to figure Christie saving him for crunch time.

I’d actually go to that. That could be fun. They’re both such party animals.

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