Chris Christie promises to fight Obama Administration on environment

In this video, Chris Christie promises to fight the Obama Administration on the environment:

“I’ve got a feeling that you will see, come January 2010, a lot of battles between the Christie administration DEP and the Obama administration EPA.”

What does he mean? Does Christie plan to go further than the EPA? No, not at all. As Loretta Weinberg says:

“Chris Christie has boasted that he would fight the Obama administration’s efforts to protect our air,” said Weinberg.  “He has said that his first target for budget cuts would be environmental protection and that he’d roll back regulations that protect our air and water. Christie has vowed to follow Sarah Palin and Mark Sanford’s lead and reject more than $70 million in federal funds to invest in our state’s energy programs and he is opposed to the open space bond issue which would protect our remaining green space.  I don’t know about you, but I will take the recommendation of the President and the former Vice President when it comes to matters of the environment.”

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  1. carolh

    about Christie’s betrayal now.  

  2. Winston Smith

    Don’t be Fooled – Christie’s Environmental Agenda WOuld be a Disaster For NJ


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