Adler on the public option

This is a very welcome development from Saturday’s NJ3 town hall: Representative John Adler now supports a public option.

Adler said he supported providing some type of public option in a reform bill, arguing that it would increase competition among private health insurance companies.

“A public option would be a real hammer in some areas without competition,” he said, adding that he also favors permitting insurance companies to write policies to out-of-state residents.

This is great news. I do think, though, that last bit is odd. Out-of-state insurance policies without New Jersey regulation is exactly what cost Chris Christie his lead over the last month. Why would Adler trumpet his support for a right-wing political loser of a proposal? Now, if Adler is just talking about letting in other insurance companies that obey our local laws, I have no problem, but I find it pretty shocking anyone would deliberately seek to recreate the “South Dakota/Delaware” credit card “race to the bottom.” If you enjoyed 25% interest rates and late fees, you’ll love your new insurance policy. Still, he was facing a pretty hostile audience and I have to congratulate him for standing up for health care reform, a public option, cap-and-trade, and the stimulus.  

Imagine how dumb these Republicans are Adler had to deal with. (They do seem to be self-described conservatives.) They supported Reagan and Bush’s massive deficits. They supported another Bush’s deficits. They borrowed the entire costs of their wars.  But today, with a worldwide recession, they want to follow Herbert Hoover’s policies and complain about debt. If we didn’t live here we wouldn’t believe it.

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