A Tale of Two Web Ads in the 39th

In the race for Assembly in the 39th LD the “entrenched” Republican incumbent and her newcomer partner lacked the integrity and creativity to release an original web ad. Instead they copied the format, style, and some of the same language of their underdog and underfunded Democratic challengers.

Here’s the original Democratic ad released by the Democrats’ campaign on September 23: Original Ad

And here’s the 2 copied ads released by the Republicans on October 6: Copied Ad 1

Copied Ad 2

What do you think, did the Republicans pull off a heist here, or are the similarities in the 3 videos just coincidences

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  1. Adam L

    as the one who put the video together for John and Mike, I can tell you that at least one of these was posted “as a response” to mine, since I got an email indicating that.

    All of the phrases are the same, down to the same order of use.

    While John and Mike are coming up with ideas that can help the District, it is funny that all the republicans can do is copy them.


  2. jdressler

    this is plagiarism plain and simple! i find it funny that the R’s are considered heavy favorites yet are willing to stoop to such a low.

  3. ridgewoodgirl

    the 39th republicans are the milli vanilli of political web ads.  

  4. GregToms

    As I am glad to discover this site from the 39th LD Democratic page, It drives me nuts that with ALL of Bergen County’s tax problems, legislative issues, school funding …. etc… that attention is being brought to a WEB VIDEO. THIS is unbelievable. I am a big supporter of all the local democrats, but to see such a pointless media post, OVER A WEB VIDEO, just says to me that you don’t really care about MY ISSUES as a taxpayer, the BERGEN COUNTY tax payer issues, you care about a pointless web video. Comon guys, if we really want change to come we need to get our acts together, actually, YOU need to get your act together and start targeting ISSUES, not web videos. Im still a supporter, this is just how I feel.


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