Parsippany passes pay to play reform

Tom Wyka sends this update:

Tonight at a special meeting held in response to our grassroots petition, the Citizens’ Campaign Model Ordinance against Pay-to-Play was passed by the Parsippany Town Council.

Thanks to all who helped in this effort and who came tonight to show your support!

Contact us to find out how to take action in your hometown!


The council passed the ordinance 3-1 with the council members up for re-election voting in support of the measure. The council member opposing said the problem should be solved in Trenton and he feels that town-to-town regulations would be “chaotic” as if each town has it’s own DMV.

Tom kept us updated on what they were doing and support for their efforts as the process moved along. Congratulations to all of those involved on their success in passing the reform.  

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    The opposition’s statement,

    town-to-town regulations would be “chaotic” as if each town has it’s own DMV.

    I don’t even get that. What’s he trying to say? A transparent government causes problems? Having local rules for contracts is like waiting on line to get vanity plates? Preventing corruption is like taking a test on who has right-of-way in a circle?

    I know I’m being snarky here, but … huh?

    Congrats to the Parsippany Pay-to-Play reform team!


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