Newspaper Coverage in Warren County

This is to anybody who reads Blue Jersey and lives in Warren County, or the far Northern reaches of New Jersey, and wonders why you never see anything in the local papers that concerns political issues, especially Democratic issues.  Its because the editors of the newspapers who cover this section of the state, you know that Lehigh Valley Newspaper Group, refuse to publish anything that comes from the Democrats in this area.

I am involved with four Democratic campaigns  in Warren County and  send press releases and they never make it past the editors, who say when I call them that the release was not perternent.  This has also been an issue for the Corzine people, who have been trying since March, that I know of, to get some love from the papers up here and have gotten zip.

I think we have to let these guys know that we want space and that there is a Democratic readership, things are changing in Warren County, new people are moving in and getting involved, the fifedom days are ending.  They need to review their practices, restructure and get on board with the new Warren County.

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