Newark Discrimination Part 2

A person knows when a nerve has been hit when the person finds themselves being “twittered” with certain followers.  Now I can add Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark to my list.  How thrilling!  How wonderful!  How- mmmm!

So let’s continue with the De facto segregation in Newark- Newark public schools are under State control.  NJ State has de facto segregation occurring in Newark.  You would think that the State would want to do something about that, wouldn’t you?

However we are talking about the state where its governor appeared to want to follow in the same footsteps of what the Governors of PA and NY had tried to do by limiting/removing any proof of legitimate Native Americans from existing in the state.  However, NY and PA failed miserably to accomplish that attempt and NJ will soon be joining them.

So because our Governor appears to have no qualms about removing two legitimate tribes from the annuals of NJ history and replacing them with apparent usurpers, of course NJ wouldn’t want to address the apparent de facto segregation of Newark Schools.

What amazes me is that none of the liberal progressive people reading this diary seem in any way perturbed by such a revelation.  If this were the 60s or 70s, there would have been such a cry of outrage that it would have shaken the walls of congress.

But there is no reaction!  Nothing!  De Nada! Have New Jersey’s die hard liberals become politically correct rather than morally and ethically correct?  Any one with an ounce of brains understands that when being “politically correct”,that the masses suffer in the end!  

We Have De facto Segregagtion In Newark and everyone is blithely going about their business worrying about an election.

Yes, the election is very important, depending upon which side you are on and who is your candidate of choice.

But there are thousands of children trapped in segregated schools run by the State and no one is screaming for an investigation?  

I have a serious problem with the conservatives, liberals, and moderates in NJ.  I am a die hard democrat but I find the fact that there is segregation being allowed to exist in NJ and not one politician and/or liberal is asking for a federal investigation kind of makes you wonder just what has the democratic party turned into in NJ?

This isn’t a false statement being made.  Most of the African American students in Newark are attending failing schools, while the Hispanic and Portuguese are attending better schools. That’s segregation folks- You know, keeping the “blacks” down so other groups can improve?

Unfortunately, there is very little that the current Mayor can do about this as Newark has no control over their schools and this falls under the purview of the State.

However, I would suggest that Booker grow a pair of “you know what” and blaze a new trail.  One where he gets before microphones and says “that the State of NJ has established de facto segregation within  Newark and it must be addressed at the federal level!”  That takes a certain amount of guts and courage.

That takes a Mayor who loves his city and its citizens more than he loves having a political career.  It takes someone who truly believes in the “civil rights” of people to take a stand.

It may take the people of Newark, themselves, to stop the de facto segregation because it is very obvious that its elected officials appear to care more about their political futures than the future of Newark’s children.  But that wouldn’t be the first time that parents have to rally to protect the civil rights of their children in Newark- It’s happened before and it will  probably have to happen again.

By the way, segregation helps to guarantee the continuation of gangs!  Just thought you’d like that tidbit.  Another thought.  If the State of NJ is receiving Federal funds for integration of its city schools and it is receiving funds for Newark- that is a serious problem because the Federal funds are not being spent correctly.

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