New DNC Web Ad: Bad Temper, Bad Policies

Today’s new web ad from the DNC is called Chris Christie: Bad Temper, Bad Policies. It uses video footage you’ve probably seen before.

What do you think? Personally, I thought the sound was distractingly bad. Anyway, I doubt web ads are very important, but I suppose they are trying out the new line of attack JRB discussed yesterday.

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  1. amybrown

    This video is likely to be circulated.  Look how the video of the cancer survivor ended up on Huffington Post.  

  2. speedkillsu

    to hear that dosen’t care about driving records ,emails or somebody’s weight ..But Daggett just put Corzine between a rock and a hard place with his   Trenton press conference to outline the plan,  he said restructuring the state’s tax system would translate into a 25% property tax cut to all New Jersey homeowners to a maximum of $2,500……Jee imagine that somebody talking about new Jersey’s #1 problem. Do you think Corzine has the nads to bring out 40 in 4 again ?  


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