Murray Sabrin: Time Traveler!

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I am so excited!  Apparently there has been a huge advance in technology lately that allows people — or at least radical right wing Republicans — to travel in time and rearrange the events of the past!

Murray Sabrin, in another PolitickerNJ posting untouched by editorial pen, has the evidence:

After the raucous town hall meetings members of Congress faced during their recent vacation, the Democrats realize that the country will not now embrace a single payer insurance system; therefore they will go for the incremental approach. A public option now and then later the big enchilada, universal health care.

Get that?  Apparently before the August recess the health care proposals in front of Congress were all single payer insurance programs that would have put the United States government in total charge of health care!  And after the brave gun-toting screamers armed with fictional outrages attacked Democratic legislators they changed the bill to only include a public option!

This is amazing!  Because in the time-stream I live in, single payer has never been before Congress in an any bill supported by more than a handful of members.  It has not been seriously discussed in committee, and has never been given a vote at any level.  

But in Sabrin-land — color of sky yet to be determined — the Democrats in Congress were dedicated to forcing a Medicare-style program down the American gullet against the will of the People.  It was only through the brave efforts of the tea bag dippers that protected America from this outrage and delivered us back to some semblance of sanity.

Obviously Sabrin is either factually challenged (i.e. deluded or lying) or he has developed that time-travel machine mentioned above.  Since PolitickerNJ is so dedicated to ensuring its columnists provide factual support for their claims, obviously the former is untrue and the latter scientific breakthrough is upon us.

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  1. Nick Lento

    ….despite the fact that 59% of the public was for it.

    Doctors who dared to try to raise the issue in front of congress were arrested.

    If Obama had had the guts to go for single payer from the start we would have won the vote by now and the issue would have been closed. (At worst a ROBUST (unwatered down) public option would have been the fall back compromise.)

    All of the energy and intensity we saw in the town hall meetings would have come predominantly from our side (the progressive side).

    Sabrin is dead wrong if he thinks single payer would have been “against the will of the people”.  To the extent that it’s true at all, it’s only because of ignorance and/or fear.

    No one dares engage in a fair debate with a competent single payer advocate and win.   The case is that strong.

    No matter what Obama did, or does, Republicans like Sabrin/Beck et al will ALWAYS accuse him of being a “Commie”.    That’s why we’re better off actually STARTING the negotiation actually shooting for the ideal that we would like to see implemented.

    So yes, Sabrin is an idiotic  joke……but the bigger joke is on us because the interests that profit from Sabrin’s “politics” are still running the country.



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