LD 39: Shahdanian and McCarthy Web Ad

As campaigns reach the final stretch before Election Day they are stepping up their operations. Governor Corzine is going full steam ahead on TV, at community events, in the field, and wherever else he and his staff believe they can gain an advantage over their opponents. Likewise for Assembly campaigns.

In the 39th District Democrats John Shahdanian and Mike McCarthy have begun mounting a serious effort against incumbent Republican Charlotte Vandervalk and Robert Schroeder (replacing the retiring John Rooney). Shahdanian and McCarthy have significantly less resources than the Republicans but are poised to battle Vandervalk and Schroeder until the last ballot is punched.

Watch Shahdanian and McCarthy’s first ad, made exlclusively for the internet, here and read about their campaign after the jump.

One of John and Mike’s first campaign strategies is online outreach – through facebook, blogs, and our website. Lacking the funds to do more conventional voter outreach John and Mike think the web can be an important ally in getting out their message.

Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds, John and Mike believe the 39th can be turned blue. They are open to your advice and your help – especially if you would like to volunteer. Please contact Mike Simonson at 201-572-1030 or msimonson19@gmail.com to learn more and to get involved.

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