JRB at Huffpost: Christie’s Macaca moment

JRB gives us this writing at Huffington Post on Chris Christie’s recent exchange with a cancer survivor and the proposal to offer health plans without mandates:

Christie, when questioned by a cancer survivor, was emphatic when explaining why insurance companies should deny mammograms to young women. The cancer survivor tells him that in fact she had been diagnosed with cancer in her twenties. To that, Christie continues to defend the health insurance companies — and even gets nasty and dismissive with the woman — insisting that dropping mammograms is A-OK because “that’s an exception.”

This is Christie’s ‘macaca moment,’ unleashing his nasty side to show people what Republicans really think about providing all Americans with decent, quality health care. He’s saying that insured or not — if you’re a young woman who wants a mammogram, a health insurance company shouldn’t have to pay because “that’s an exception.”

Christie’s nasty attitude and dismissive tone toward the cancer survivor only makes it worse for him. In July, I wrote that Republicans were endangering Christie — perhaps their only rising star in the Northeast — by stalling the health care reform vote and carrying the debate into October. That was before the rancor and lies of August. New Jersey is still a very blue state, with many more Democratic-leaning independents than Republican ones. The GOP’s angry rhetoric toward the President and his efforts to reform the health care system do not endear Republicans to these voters — voters Christie needs to win this election.

Now Christie is on film, getting short with someone for daring to question the whims of the health care industry. He’s going to have a tough time not looking like just another anti-reform Republican, disdainful for the economic concerns of average citizens just trying to stay healthy.

The Christie campaign has been aggressively trying to push back on the mammogram issue putting out an ad and multiple videos saying that the Governor is distorting his position, but the problem is they are the ones who want to distort what the ramifications of Christie’s plan really could be. It’s clear they view this issue as a vulnerability with many pundits speculating that women will help decide the race.  JRB also makes an interesting point that now the national healthcare debate will occur at the same time Christie is trying to defend his own questionable initiatives. This issue will continue to be a flash point and clear difference in the race.

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  1. Rayne

    See Marcy’s post on Christie here: http://emptywheel.firedoglake….

    Poke NOW-NJ and ask them to get their PAC in gear to target Christie. This guy is a danger to the people of your state — can’t drive safely, abuses power, and apparently arrogant and has no respect for women’s health issues.

  2. Dvd Avins

    I’ve seen Christie be much more unappealing than this. Here, he’s easily perceivable as someone trying to answer a substantive question when the questioner is more interested in making him look bad than in getting an answer.

    From the description, I expected the clip to be downright Loneganesque, but I just don’t think it is.

  3. Jason Smith

    It just blows my mind. “We shouldn’t have to cover mammograms for young women because it’s unlikely they’ll need them!” Yeah sir, well I had breast cancer in my 20s, so I’m glad that I had that coverage…

    “Well, you’re a statistical anomaly! You can’t expect us to deal with the 5% of cases that OCCUR EARLY! It’s just nonsense! Pay for your own breast exams! Why won’t you let me finish?? It’s not like I’m a candidate for public office that should spend a certain amount of time in CONVERSATION with you people!”

    Just disgusting. Simply devoid of all moral consideration. I wonder where the Republican party goes to find all these nonsensical misfits. We’d really be in trouble if they found a Republican with a heart – or at least one who could fake it.

  4. speedkillsu

    could not stop someone from having a mammogram if he really wanted ….Corzine better go back to his driving ,or being overweight ….because he obviously wants to ignore the taxpayers and his highest in the nation property tax issue.  

  5. denniscmcgrath

    Read down past the basic info on the page linked below and see the real costs of a mammogram – it’s a whole lot more than I thought! One woman cites a $2500 charge – and she got hers done in Parsippany!


    So, yeah, let the women pay for their own mammograms; we all have an extra $2.5k lying about for an annual preventative care procedure …


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