I’ll take a side order of “crazy” with that question, please…

There’s been talk about a new PPP Poll and the (I think) 9 point Christie lead, but what hasn’t been discussed is the strange question thrown into the poll:

only 79 percent of voters ready to rule out the possibility that their president is the Anti-Christ. Eight percent say he is, while 13 percent are not sure.


Twelve percent of McCain voters think Obama is the Anti-Christ. Twenty-one percent are not sure.

Fourteen percent of Republicans think Obama is the Anti-Christ. Fifteen percent are not sure.

Eighteen percent of “conservative” voters think Obama is the Anti-Christ. Seventeen percent are not sure.

Now, if I were asked that question a few years ago about Bush, I probably would have answered “yes” or “hell yes” just as a goof.  But with the level of vitriol and the Bible Thumpers (who don’t actually follow what is written in the Bible) and teabaggers and wingnuts and outright racists coming out from all corners of Right Wingnutistan, you never know just how many of them answered this question seriously.

That being said, I was able to uncover (due to super duper sleuthing) some other views of NJ republicans that will make your head spin (and not because it is Obama the anti-Christ making your head spin):

  • 57% of NJ republicans believe that the “Democratic Party” secretly took the letter “N” out of the name and was really the “Demoncratic Party”
  • 42% believe that “ACORN” stands for “American Criminals (for) Obama Rule Now”;
  • 67% don’t actually know what the word “socialism” means (ok, so this one may be real);
  • 36% think that “Marxism” is based on using comedic eyeglasses and moustaches to lull the electorate into subservience;
  • 29% think Corzine got his wealth by personally stealing billions from NJ taxpayers and pocketing it all; and
  • 19% support Christie Whitman in her run for Governor this year;

Oh yeah, one more for you.  72.96% of all statistics are made up…..

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  1. The Wizard

    is that these numbers might be accurate. To be a Republican today requires thought disorders compounded by loose associations mixed with a strong dose of denial.

    The really scary part is most of these nuts drive on our roads at high speeds.

    One in five people on our highways believe Bush was a a good President.

    Nut bags, tea bags, hose bags, and bags full of hammers, they’re all Republicans.  


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