Epic diversity fail for the anti-equality all-stars

Today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, holiest day on the Jewish calendar.

And in a stupid move that ends up revealing more than they want you to know about who they really are, NJ’s most virulent anti-gay leaders chose today to stage a press event 11:30am at the State House opposing marriage equality. Yeah. This narrow little bunch, who claim broad religious support, obviously doesn’t have it or someone might have suggested that Yom Kippur isn’t a great day to attract attention to yourself. So much for their diversity.

My own (shoot me now) Sen. Mike Doherty leads today’s anti-equality squad, which also includes Alison Litell McHose, Steve Lonegan, Richard Merkt, Gerald Cardinale, Steve Oroho, Gary Chiusano, and Carolee Adams of the Eagle Forum of NJ. They must be feeling the tide turning on them.

New Jersey Family Policy Council, led by Len Deo, is there too, with their mission to restore public opinion, attitudes, and behaviors to reflect a Judeo-Christian worldview.

And yet, today’s news conference is being held on a holiday unsurpassed in its solemnity for the Jewish people.

That, from our own Jeff Gardner, who is also GSE’s Vice-Chair. Chair Steven Goldstein is unavailable, observing Yom Kippur.

Among the 50 states, NJ has the second-highest percentage of Jewish citizens, behind only New York. Two-thirds of NJ’s 21 counties rank in the top 100 counties in the size of their Jewish population. GSE stresses they don’t expect all public figures refrain from public events today. But there’s an obvious inconsistency in claiming religious support while not recognizing a major holy day.

Goldstein said yesterday: It is appropriate for me, in these hours before Yom Kippur, to wish everyone well. But that’s too generous for me. I say New Jersey’s anti-equality gang has more than enough sins to atone for, and they ought to head home, STFU, and give that some thought.


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  1. Hopeful

    I didn’t realize you had Doherty.

  2. denniscmcgrath

    It’s the one day of the year Steven Goldstein is absolutely utterly unavailable. It’s hardly a coincidence.

  3. don mills

    As a man of the Left, I just don’t get the current fixation with religion.  Who cares?

    Am I required to keep a list of every religious group’s holidays before thinking about any political activity?  I expect that kind of thinking from the right, but from the Left?

    I guess there is a big difference between the Left and “Progressives”.  

  4. don mills

    Sin?  Whose sin?  Some people think Goldstein sins.  You think they sin.  Why are we talking sin?  What thinking person thinks in the tribal terms of sin?

    What’s up?


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