The Corzine campaign just released a new web ad, detailing the benefits the Christie boys, Chris and Todd, got from all that money they raised together for Christie’s old boss, George W. Bush:

I think this is a story that can’t be told enough. Special privileges and getting off scot-free are advantages the rest of us don’t get to have, like Christie and his brother do. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Documentation for all this – worth looking at – is after the jump.




Chris Christie and brother Todd raise and give hundreds of thousands for George Bush.


Chris Christie helped raise over $350,000 for Bush. Gannett News Service, in 2003, asked, “What motivates a ranger or pioneer?”  One of their answers was, “there’s political patronage as well. Three of Bush’s 21 New Jersey pioneers in 2000 won presidential appointments. Former Republican congressman William Martini was named a federal judge, Internet communications executive Clifford Sobel was named ambassador to the Netherlands, and former Morris County Freeholder Christopher Christie was named New Jersey’s top federal prosecutor.”  The Star Ledger in 2004 also indentified Christie as a Bush Pioneer. According to the New York Times, “He became counsel to the Bush campaign in New Jersey in 2000, while joining Mr. [William] Palatucci to raise more than $350,000.” The Washington Post and Bergen Record have also reported that Christie helped raise $350,000 for George W. Bush. Todd Christie, during the 2000 election cycle, made financial contributions to George Bush, the Republican National Committee, and the New Jersey Republican State Committee. Employees of Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, Todd Christie’s firm contributed nearly $60,000 to Bush and related entities during the 2000 election cycle.  [Gannett News Service, 11/7/03; Star Ledger, 11/19/04; New York Times, 7/21/04; Washington Post, 11/27/02; Bergen Record, 10/10/02]



Todd Christie is a prolific GOP donor.  Todd Christie, during the 2000 election cycle, made financial contributions to George Bush, the Republican National Committee, and the New Jersey Republican State Committee totaling $6,250. [Federal Election Commission]




Then Bush appoints Chris U.S. Attorney.


Chris Christie was named U.S. Attorney in return for his Bush fundraising. A Star Ledger editorial, in 2001, decried Christie’s appointment to U.S. Attorney and stated, “What Christie brings to the table is excellent political connections. He has energetically raised money for various candidates, including George W. Bush in 2000, and his mentor and law partner is William Palatucci, a friend of the President and a powerful figure in the state GOP… It is common for U.S. attorneys to have political ties, but Christie’s party links are closer than most. This is a patronage appointment, plain and simple…This is a distinguished position, one of the most important jobs in the state. It should not become a political plum.”  The New York Times reported “after the Bush victory, Mr. Palatucci sent Mr. Christie’s resume to Karl Rove, the president’s chief strategist. Mr. Bush, who dubbed Mr. Christie ”Big Boy” (an apparent reference to his hulking frame), chose him for United States attorney.”  [Star Ledger, 9/7/01; New York Times, 7/21/04]



Todd is investigated for stock fraud. His colleagues get indicted. But not Todd.



Todd Christie was investigated for stock fraud and while his colleagues were indicted, he got a slap on the wrist.  The New York Times, in 2005, editorialized, “Just the other day, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed securities fraud complaints against 20 former New York Stock Exchange floor traders who are accused of cheating customers to benefit their firms… We can’t help but note that Todd Christie, the brother of Christopher Christie, the U.S. attorney for New Jersey, was among the 20 stock traders charged. But while 14 of the traders were charged with criminal fraud, Christie, a major donor to Republicans and the youngest brother of a prosecutor who has specialized in rooting out political corruption, faces only civil penalties and fines.  The SEC said Christie’s firm had earned $1.59 million for its own account in trading maneuvers that cost customers $1.4 million in extra expenses. Christie ranked fourth in the commission complaint among the 20 traders who earned the biggest profits at customers’ expense. The top three were indicted, as were 11 traders lower down. We don’t know whether this is a case of how nice it is to have big brothers in high places. But it doesn’t look good.” [New York Times, 4/16/05]


Then Chris Christie gives the Prosecutor- who spared his brother from criminal prosecution- a multi-million dollar no-bid contract. Pay to play. No-bid contracts. Favoritism.  

Chris Christie:

One set of rules for himself.

Another for everyone else.


Chris Christie gave out a multi-million dollar no-bid contract to David Kelley.  According to an Asbury Park Press editorial, Christie handed “out a multimillion-dollar, no-bid contract to a former federal prosecutor [David Kelley] who let Christie’s brother off on stock fraud charges.”  The Associated Press also reported that Christie handed “a multi-million-dollar, no bid contract to an ex-federal prosecutor who declined to criminally prosecute Christie’s brother on stock fraud charges two years earlier.” [Asbury Park Press, 4/11/09; Associated Press, 4/7/09]

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