Christie’s policies: an accident waiting to happen

With all of the news about Chris “Wrong Way” Christie’s accidents, tickets and abuse of power to avoid accountability for his actions, I realized that this is really a metaphor for Christie’s campaign.  His promises that don’t add up, his views that are out of step with New Jersey voters and his pandering to cronies is a disaster.

And with that, I put this video together.  Enjoy.

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  1. Nick Lento

    …why hasn’t the Corzine campaign come out with just THIS type of ad within 24 hours of the release of the news that Christie messed up so badly and…..then that he actually LIED about it by stupidly claiming that there was no law suite.

    Within a few hours of the story breaking I wrote this and that obvious “take” has been the overwhelmingly predominant one here.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that Christie is overwhelmingly unqualified to be our governor……but it does take some balls to say it outright and to be willing to make the case in a sharp and cutting manner.

    It’s not just about one guy getting some tickets…..which is how the establishment press in NJ and the Republican spin machine is trying to play this……so far, successfully!   This story should be all over cable and the net by now!

    Chris Christie, as I’ve been saying for years, really IS an irresponsible jerk.  To use the vernacular, he is THE prototypical ASSHOLE!

    The nifty and obvious ad clammy put together up top could have been banged out by the Corzine campaign within hours of the breaking news……(they actually do have pros that are being paid lots of money to do just this sort of thing!) and, better yet, the narration should have been done by Jon Corzine himself!  

    The only way Jon Corzione loses this race is by being afraid to actually tear Christie apart.   Christie is a bully and he needs to be exposed and shredded by Jon Corzine man to man….or he wins.


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