Christie campaign: We didn’t invite Bush, our host committee did

The Christie campaign would like you to believe that they got an unexpected guest to their fundraiser last night:

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush,  turned up to a fundraiser for Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie tonight.  

“He was invited by one of the host committee members,” said Christie spokeswoman Maria Comella.

The host committee member reached out to Bush directly and did not check with the Christie campaign.

I love the way the story is written.  They make it sound like Jeb Bush just turned up at the fundraiser, SURPRISE!

A few things. First, I flat out do not believe that you invite the brother of the former President/former Governor in his own right without running it by the campaign. Second, not checking doesn’t mean they didn’t notify the campaign of Bush’s potential attendance. I can’t believe that Jeb Bush just walks into a fundraiser by himself without the campaign knowing and preparing. And it doesn’t matter who invited him, he was there for Christie. By this measure, if it was George Bush they’d probably say the parking attendant brought him.

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  1. Babs NJSD

    Are you calling Chrisitie and his campaign … OMG! … LIARS??

    Is Chrisitie complaining he has been “Bushwacked”?

  2. Nick Lento

    Either they are lying about knowingly inviting Bush, in which case they are admitting to being ASHAMED to be associated with a Bush……..or they are admitting to be so out of touch with their own campaign that someone with that high a profile could be invited without their knowledge!

    And even if the latter WERE the case, why not simply embrace Bush and “take the credit” for inviting him?   LOL

    These people are clearly ashamed of Bush……but they also want the money he helped bring to the fundraiser.    

    I wonder how the ideological “true believers” who gave money must feel hearing that the Christie campaign doesn’t have the balls to openly embrace Bush?


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