Cavuto on Christie no tax pledge: Is this like a Bush moment?

Chris Christie appeared yesterday on Your World with Neil Cavuto on FoxNews. They opened the segment showing compilation of the ads that have been run against Christie. Cavuto focused on the advertising disparity between the campaigns saying Christie was campaigning on facebook and twitter. Christie said they conserved their money over the summer and thats why there was such a difference.

There was this exchange:

Christie- I am going to cut taxes in my 4 years as Governor.

Cavuto- Would you rule out ever raising them?

Christie- I will not raise taxes as Governor

Cavuto- Is this like a Bush moment?

Christie- Well… it’s a Christie moment.

He talked about how new State workers will need to have a 401k and not go into the pension. When Cavuto said given the current state fiscal situation that you almost have to raise taxes, Christie said no we have to stop spending and Cavuto replied, “but every Governor says that… no offense to you.” Have a look:

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  1. Hopeful

    Even to the Fox News crowd, this endless no new taxes and cut spending without specifics doesn’t sound credible.  


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