Webber and Hughes discuss the Christie revelations on NJN

On NJN news last night, host Jim Hooker had a discussion with GOP state Chairman Jay Webber and Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes.

Webber said the latest revelations do no damage to Christie and that they’re a side show cooked up by the Corzine campaign (although NJN discovered the story which Hooker challenged Webber on). Webber continued to do his best spin job deflecting things back to Corzine and said that “an ethics champion like Chris Christie does the right thing when he makes a mistake.”

Then Hooker turned to Hughes, who said this raises questions about his claim that he pays attention to detail if he can’t even fill out these forms correctly, as they’re not difficult things to do. Webber again tried to turn it around on Corzine when asked about the connections between Brown and Christie and whether he had a pipeline to the office. He said that the Democrats have no facts to back up their allegations, to which Hughes said it was connecting the dots and he laid out the dots. Webber said the issue is a minor bump in the road and that there is no chance he won’t be on the ballot.

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