NJ solar > FL+TX+AZ+NM+NV combined

Congratulating the state on the installation of their 4,000 solar panel, the Solar Energy Industry Association let us know just what it means to be second behind California in terms of other states:

We congratulate New Jersey leaders on the state’s 4,000th solar installation. By enacting policies like the state’s advanced renewable portfolio standard and strong incentives for solar, New Jersey has become the second largest market for solar in the country. In fact, New Jersey has more solar photovoltaic installations than Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada combined and is second only to California in total solar capacity.

It’s pretty impressive that we have more than Texas and Florida combined. You can hear more of the Governor touting the efforts of his administration regarding renewable energy and talking about the ciriticism he has received from some groups over his environmental policies on Blue Jersey Radio the other night by clicking here.

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  1. Jeff Gardner

    I want a solar panel.


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