News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Aug. 27, 2009


  • The Senator’s connections to NJ, from Berkeley Heights’ Mary Jo Kopechne, to later electoral victories here.

    Property Taxes

  • Monmouth U.’s poll put this #1 on voters’ minds. Are the candidates addressing it?

    For a law and order fella …

  • Christie’s 2005 speeding ticket in Lambertville leaves us scratching our heads and counting the unanswered questions. Something does not add up.

    Health Care Town Halls

  • Congressmen Rush Holt and John Adler hosted events yesterday.

    “One thing can always bring you down.”

  • Essex County, with its history of political corruption, looks at ethics with the Newark Special Agent in Charge at FBI.

    Rush Holt rides the rails

  • NJ-12’s man in Congress strongly supports smart public transportation.

    Burlington County Democrats

  • Tonight’s County Committee meeting is the first since Chair Rick Perr resigned, and the county party hit the roller-coaster.

    Swine Flu

  • Health and school officials met in a summit to plan for H1N1. How to continue education if schools are closed? Best practices for keeping parents in the loop. It’s coming.


  • Millviille: A public transportation activist takes a petition to a Freeholder candidate when she doesn’t like the response from NJ Transit officials.
  • Wildwood: Mayor and Commissioner will go to court to hold off a December recall vote.
  • Bridgeton: A small community of homeless men is living under the new Broad Street Bridge.
  • Springfield: Appoints David Barnett to fill an empty seat.
  • Gloucester County: Getting $2.1 million smackeroos for energy efficiency.
  • Morris County: following ‘n friending.
  • Lacey: Oyster Creek nuclear power plant is leaking contaminated water.
  • Near the naked beach: Sandy Hook reopens after a chlorine gas leak.
  • Phillipsburg: The state of healthcare in the state, on the table.
  • Piscataway: Police sergeant charged with lying about overtime.

    Jersey Fresh

  • in praise of a tomato.
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