News Roundup & Open Thread for Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009

Successful grassroots campaign

  • Taking notice of a well-planned groundswell, Daily Record advocates the Parsippany Twp. Council jumpstart a pay-to-play ordinance a petition movement put on the November ballot and just pass it in its next meeting, Aug. 31. Hat tip, and high-five to Tom Wyka and the organizers.

    Blogger call with Corzine

  • Last night, the Governor talked about his race, his opponent and the economy.


  • What’s behind the drop in butterfly populations? The effort to preserve the insect in NJ.

    Fallout from the Christie revelations

  • Corzine rescinds his 2005 evaluation of Christie, turns up the heat over Karl Rove. Joe Cryan files with ELEC on Christie’s failure to report the Brown mortgage. Meanwhile, Christie moves from contrite … to silent.

    Highly qualified

  • Nearly all NJ’s 88,000 teachers meet the federal definition of “highly qualified,” according to NJ Dept. of Ed data.

    Woodbury & Paulsboro

  • Preliminary applications for affordable housing are due in less than a month.


  • Residents of 4 towns around the “stagnant, dying” Lake Muscanetcong are getting eaten up, and complaining to the state DEP.

    Union County Freeholders forced to apologize

  • ACLU-NJ got involved after a resident was kept from speaking about possible nepotism in county hiring practices and Freeholders will apologize at tonight’s meeting.

    Dow: Turn informant on drug lords and gunmen

  • A spike in violence in Newark draws a promise from Cory Booker of stepped up police presence. Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow looked into the camera and asks for a change in the culture of silence that protects criminals.

    Lawsuit against Essex Sheriff, dismissed

  • Former members of the Essex County Police Dept. saw their suit dismissed claiming loss of overtime, training and promotion after supporting the sheriff’s opponent.

    Camden’s state-appointed police director quits

  • Third Camden leader to resign this week.

    NJ Lockerbie mom: Scotland has betrayed us

  • A Montville mother who lost her son in the 1998 bombing of Pan Am Fllight 103 over Scotland, is outraged that a man convicted in the case may be released, close to his death.

    Talking to the President today?

  • Do me a favor. Ask him why he’s making great speeches about the public option, but sending Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel around to congressional leadership to backpedal that and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to underscore that. What’s up with that?  
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