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I’m planning to be at both of these Town Halls. Tonight I’ll be there with nyceve who writes on health care for Daily Kos, and Jonathan Tasini. We’ll all be there on the reform side. I hope to see some of you from the Blue Jersey community, too. If you see us, please come by and let us know what’s on your mind. – – – promoted from the diaries by Rosi Efthim

Since I first went to Congress some 20 years ago, I’ve always made a point of coming home from Capitol Hill to listen to my constituents’ concerns and brief them on the work I’ve been doing on their behalf.  Despite the well-coordinated campaign by those obstructionists intent on derailing progressive change in Washington, this year will be no different.  So in case you haven’t heard, I’m hosting town meetings tonight and tomorrow here in my district.

Tonight, Monday, August 24 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Piscataway Municipal Building

455 Hoes Lane, Piscataway

Tuesday, August 25 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Red Bank Middle School

101 Harding Road, Red Bank

With Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate – and with President Obama in the White House – we have a precious opportunity to bring about real change for our families.  From health care to the environment, from the economy to our soldiers serving abroad, and with just about every other critical issue on the agenda, the decisions we’re making right now will set our nation’s course for years to come.  

I’m sure one main issue on everyone’s mind tonight and tomorrow – not to mention in the days and weeks to come – will be health care reform.  My position is a basic one.  Health care reform cannot wait.  With over 46 million people uninsured and out of control costs, our current system is broken.  We need action to lower costs, create more efficiency and implement new technologies. That is the only way we can make our health care system more sustainable and available for every American. Simply put, people need to have an option of insurance that is more interested in their health than corporate profits.

As Chair of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, I will continue the fight to make sure the House bill contains a strong public option.  I’m committed to working with President Obama and Congressional leaders to make sure that real, substantial reform is passed into law.  However, I have made it clear to Senate leaders that the public option is the only way to lower costs and create marketplace competition.

I hope you will join us tonight or tomorrow to share your story or ask questions – either on health care reform or any other issue that might be on your mind.  I look forward to having a civil discussion with anyone who shows up, whether or not we agree on the best solution to America’s growing health care crisis.  I firmly believe – as I have over the course of my career – that even in the face of a heated debate, an earnest political dialogue can prevail despite any differences of opinion.  I look forward to answering your questions, addressing your concerns and learning from your thoughts and ideas.

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  1. Adam L

    I wish I could be there but I have to take a flight to Cincinnati and will be out of state through Thursday night.

    We appreciate your being out in front on this, and however we can help you ensure that the public option is non-negotiable – please let us know.


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