Garrett gets more time talking healthcare on CNBC

Another h/t to rmfretz over at Blog the Fifth for catching Scott Garrett’s latest TV appearance on CNBC with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz on Squawk Box. Garrett said the healthcare bill is being rushed through no matter what people think and in the process, they are insulting constituents. Schwartz said she’s hearing questions on legislation, but that she shouldn’t let the arguing distract us from the real debate of how to contain costs and get healthcare coverage.

They talked about areas for potential compromises, but Schwartz said that excluding pre-existing conditions is unacceptable. She said as the plan comes to the floor of Congress, they’ll see additional changes. Garrett went after the bill talking about the failures of Medicare and said there hasn’t been bi-partisan with Republicans giving no input. Garrett said he can’t even support co-operatives, so he will oppose anything because he says it’s moving toward a single payer and will squeeze out the private sector. Schwartz said she would not support a plan that has co-ops rather than a public option, because we can’t leave it to the private insurance sector with new rules. She said the public option will help drive down costs for the whole system.

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