Christie contradicts himself … again … having Pawlenty campaign for him

Oh, the conservatives aren’t going to like this one very much; Chris Christie …. again! …. is bringing another GOP demi-star ahead of their poster girl, Sarah.

As potential presidential candidates stream in and out of the state to boost the Christie campaign and the GOP, let’s remember first who is notcoming to New Jersey and why, particularly Sarah Palin. Christie:

“This is about New Jersey issues and New Jersey, and I don’t think having Governor Palin here would do me, or frankly the state, a whole lot of good in the sense that we need to talk and focus on what the New Jersey issues are,” Christie said during a radio interview on New Jersey 101.5 FM. “I hope Mayor Giuliani will continue to be supportive and be here and work with me, but other than that, I think the people of New Jersey have to hear from me and that’s the person they’ll be electing.”

Ah. So it’s about New Jersey issues, unless he thinks someone from outside of New Jersey can help him, which obviously he doesn’t think Palin can. But apparently, he does think the Governor from Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty’s got game because Christie’s got the welcome mat rolled out:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty says he will head to New Jersey next week to campaign for that state’s Republican candidate for governor.


Pawlenty made his comment to reporters after his weekly radio show at the Minnesota State Fair. He didn’t give any details.

Maybe Tim Pawlenty has a unique knowledge of New Jersey all the way from Minnesota. After all, Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house in Alaska, and Pawlenty can only see Wisconsin.

Our offer still stands for Blue Jersey to pick Sarah Palin up at the airport whenever Christie’s super-duper right wing base can convince him to let her come. Now Newt, Pawlenty, Rudy, Santorum, and Romney will have all come to town for Christie, while Sarah Palin continues to have to talk to the hand, and not the NJ GOP.  Maybe Palin needs Diane Allen and Kim Guadagno to fight for her to be allowed in the Garden State too.


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  1. Matthew Jordan

    and there are only 2 gubernatorial races in the country, of course he is coming here.  Plus the guy wants to President.  

    Pawlenty is coming because of his role with the RGA-Palin has no responsibility to elect Republican Governors, that’s why she isn’t coming.  


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