Brown’s Resignation Is Weak/Failed Damage Control

Michele Brown gets a point for being willing to “fall on her sword” for Chris Christie.  Resigning was the least she could do to try to put these matters to rest and to try to have her ethically questionable relationship with her ex boss Christie not be a “distraction”.

Unfortunately for Christie and Brown, quitting her job just adds fuel to the fire.

Brown and Christie need to be investigated and questioned under oath regarding the precise nature of their relationship vis a vis the political conversations they may or may not have had.   Obviously they can always “take the fifth”; or they can simply tell the truth, the whole truth…and nothing but the truth, under oath.

On the other hand, if this really was just a loan to help a coworker….and NOTHING MORE; then it’s a shame that Brown felt compelled to resign.

However……if Brown and Christie EVER discussed his candidacy and EVER strategized in ANY way to advance his candidacy; then that’s a potential violation of the Hatch act and a legitimate matter for law enforcement to investigate.

Frankly, unless there’s some smoking gun out there (or someone decides to confess) I doubt there will ever be a serious investigation of this just (anytime soon) because it would be framed by Christie supporters like a Democratic administration was trying to discredit a Republican candidate.

Theoretically, there could be an investigation after the election…..but if Christie wins it still will be framed as political….and if he loses; prosecutorial discretion might determine that it’s a moot point and why bother.

Bottom line; the only way for Christie and Brown to begin to clear this up would be to voluntarily demand, and then submit to an immediate congressional investigation where they could BOTH testify under oath as to the FULL extent of their political/personal relationship…and to then be willing to spend a whole day (if that’s what it took) to answer any and all questions from any and all press (and that includes folks like our own Rosie Efthim).

Again, if this was truly and honestly nothing more than a legitimate loan that Christie forgot to declare on all of his federal reporting forms and income tax returns and that there was no/none/zero inappropriate relationship with Brown; then it would be to Christie’s advantage to AGGRESSIVELY go PUBLIC in the way I describe above.

(At the very least, Christie is clearly guilty of terrible judgment and a kind of incompetent carelessness that boggles the mind when one considers that he wants to become our GOVERNOR!!!  And that’s assuming the best case scenario for Christie.)

To Christie and Brown:   Get the truth out….and if you’re telling the truth….it can only help you to tell it all, under oath and in public.

On the other hand….if you have something to hide; it’s understandable that you will ignore my advice and just keep on doing what you’re doing….and the people of New jersey will then be left to draw their own conclusions.  

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