Historical Genocide Continued

As one of the people involved in this fiasco between the State vs. The Sand Hill Band of Indians and the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band, I need to make a correction.  On August 8, 2007, a War Chief of the Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi Northeastern Band and I went to the South Orange PAC to meet with Governor Corzine, who knows Chief Ross. He has met the chief at functions and, believe it or not, shares mutual acquaintances.  Which makes what is happening even more disturbing and despicable.

However, I deviate from the point.  Due to delays and a series of unfortunate occurrences, we were unable to meet with the Governor prior to his addressing the audience that evening.  At the time, we thought nothing of the delay and our companion who was accompanying us, went to speak briefly to Corzine about our failed meeting at that time, and was told by the Governor, himself, to call to make an appointment as quickly as possible to speak with him regarding the urgent matter Chief Ross wished to address with him.

What happened next was like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  We never were able to make an appointment.  As a matter of fact, at one point (must have been our fourth call to the Governor’s office), the person who answered the phone literally left the phone on her desk and forgot to put it on hold.  I never heard her walk away and it appeared that she was just sitting at her desk for a few minutes (I could hear everything) and then after a few moments picked up the phone and had the audacity to say that “such and such was in a meeting and would call me back”.  That never happened and we didn’t call back.

On Feb.20, 2008, not on Aug. 8, 2007, I read Chief Ross’s complaints into the public record at the Commission meeting.  Their March minutes do not reflect that the report was read into public record, though a commissioner did comment (in those minutes) as to whether there was any further communication to a letter that the Chair had written to Chief Ross in response.  The Chair said no, even though a letter dated March 6, 2008 had been sent to him by Chief Ross in response to the Chair’s letter approximately two weeks earlier, cc’ d to the Governor, Secretary of State, Sen. Codey, Senators Weinberg and Rice, and Commissioners on Native American Affairs.  

One can ask a thousand times why is this happening and no one seems to be able to give an answer.  One reason may be that when Chief Ross and I met with the Secretary of State she realized that she had a ?fraudulent? report. Chief Ross had given to her a packet of historical information pertaining to the two tribes and he and I brought to her attention the misplacing of over 30,000 Native Americans within the report.  Rather than going to the Governor and saying that there was a problem with the report and they needed to look into matters, she decided to do, what can only be considered to be a “cover-up”, and hoped that we would go away.  She seemed to have forgotten that her major job is to protect the State of NJ and the Governor at all times from potential problems.  Instead she has subjected NJ to untold lawsuits that will affect our taxes by acting as if nothing unforetold is wrong.

OR we can say, as Carolh has implied in her diary, is that the one third does not want the two thirds recognized because of the power they would have, which is crazy.  You are only allowed two seats on the commission- so these two tribes would still be outnumbered.  We know that the Commission’s minutes are incomplete and inaccurate because they left out correspondence from Senator Weinberg and us into certain matters.  We know because we OPRA’d the minutes-

OR- we can say that there is something horrific going on when you are trying to remove 2/3 of a population from the annuals of history.  In the report that another blogger referred to and questioned, it has left out the Sand Hill Band of Indians and the Cherokee (Ani Tsalagi Onaselagi NE Band) because the Nanticokes and the Powhatans have borrowed that history and are trying to claim it as their own.  That is why there is no mention of these two tribes.

When a group of people are trying to remove the historical existence of another group, with the blessing of the Government in charge of that state and/or country, it is not difficult to remove that group when writing a report so that if the group (that has been removed) tried to claim their existence, they can’t.  There is no record of them.  Then when people read it, they say, “but if they existed these people would be in the report.”  Remember they are trying to remove them from history.  Therefore, they wont be in the report to begin with and that’s the problem!  The 30,000 plus Native Americans exist in this state.  If they correct the number, then they have to acknowledge the existence of the two other tribes.  So everyone who is in power has turned a blind eye and agrees with the figure of 19,000+.

To me, the actions of the Secretary of State and the Governor over the last 12 months are very questionable.  The Secretary of State knows that the report is fraudulent or she would have had she been intelligent enough to temporarily pull the report, investigate all facts entered and left out, and then re-established the report in an amended version.  Instead she failed to investigate the request of citizens to look into the matter of the report being inaccurate. In my opinion, she has committed an act of malfeasance.  The Governor and the Secretary of State’s actions by going along with this adaptation of history borders on moral turpitude and has opened NJ to countless lawsuits that will only cause our taxes to go up because the Native Americans will seek justice through the courts.  Their Lawyers’ fees will be nothing like the cost that the State will be paying its lawyers in suits that should never have been forced into court.

All these two tribes are asking is to be included, just like the Secretary of State said she would do, but seems to be suffering from selective amnesia because that’s the only logical explanation I can come up with at this time.

OR– someone somewhere has done something so illegal and has someway and/or somehow directly or indirectly involved the Governor and the Secretary of State, that they need to cover it up and can only do so if these two tribes are non-existent or lack creditability.  It has been said that if the Sand Hill Band of Indians ever came to any of these tribes, that those tribes would be in trouble, because the Sand Hill Band of Indians know where the skeletons are buried.

It looks like those skeletons are about to be dug up.  However, why is the Governor and the Secretary of State doing it at the expense of all (Native and Non-Native) NJ citizens?  How do they profit from the destruction of Native American populations and what will they be receiving for it?

Why else would they agree to remove 30,000 plus people from the State’s history, when they are clearly in the Census of the United States?

NOTE: In September 2007, after 25 years, the United Nations passed a resolution recognizing the rights of Indigenous peoples throughout the world.  Out of all the member Countries, eleven countries abstained and 4 countries voted No.  They were the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.   In January 2008, Australia officially apologized to their Indigenous people.  In April/May of 2008, Canada also made a promise to work more closely with their indigenous people.  The U.S., which claims to be the melting pot of the world, is more concerned with the problems between China and the Tibetan people, then they are in upholding the rights of their own indigenous people.  

MMM- Maybe Corzine and Wells are taking lessons!

Go to www.sandhillindiansnj.org  for more information

Go to the site below to learn more about the UN resolution:


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  1. carolh

    all of the above?  Anyone know how to edit poll questions?

  2. tammyhill2122

    I was recently speaking to a Cree

    friend about the existence of no

    reservations in Pa. or NJ. He told

    me than since there are no reservations in Pa., the 1.7 million

    that the feds grant to Pa. for Native peoples goes to tribes in the west.  Is that true for NJ too?

    I think that maybe it is going into

    someone’s pocket.

    Tammy Satter

    Hawley, Pa.


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