Voters stand in line
A convo about Dem Party reform
Toward a more transparent, justice-focused, fair & fierce progressive party
Cory Booker’s act of defiance at Kavanaugh hearing
In those docs: affirmative action, racial profiling, abortion.
Donald Trump & Bob Hugin
Here come the PACS targeting Hugin
Is a few extra billions worth making life harder for cancer patients?
Democrats conference
So, here’s what the Dem State Conf Agenda looks like.
Our takeaways on this. Are you going?

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Elizabeth Meyer

You don’t have to be an elected official to make a difference. Elizabeth Meyer epitomizes this maxim. She has organized the New Jersey Women’s marches, spoken at our science marches, and this mother of two young children somehow finds the…
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Mensch vs Con Man

Mensch vs. Con Man – that’s how friend of Blue Jersey Steven Goldstein views the contest between Senator Bob Menendez and challenger Bob Hugin. Goldstein’s career has ranged from television producer to legislative staffer to founder of Garden State Equality…
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